What is Digital Marketing?

digital marketing photo
Photo by mkhmarketing

As business move from “brick and mortar” existence to the web, and to mobile for that matter, marketing and advertising should follow suit and move to the online world. Let’s take TV commercials as a form of traditional advertising. Customers are spending time online more than they spend on watching traditional television. People are increasingly watching their movies and TV shows on Netflix, or Hulu on their laptops and mobile devices. They even stream their content to big screen TV’s using devices like Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast! Businesses should adapt and target those people wherever the go online, whether on streaming video sites, Facebook and other social media sites, or plain old browsing the web.

There are many tools / channels for digital marketing. Having a modern website or blog, that is updated regularly. Placing ads, such as through Google AdSense, in strategic places on the web or search engines. Having a social media presence, such as a Facebook page, a Twitter account or even Pinterest. Using such tools as email newsletters, RSS feeds and the like. Using such services as Living Social, or Groupon.

Placing ads on Pandora and Spotify, not to forget ads on popular mobile apps.

The advantages of such digital marketing are getting the attention of  customers wherever they wander on the World Wide Web, or on their various mobile devices.

Compared to traditional advertising such as newspaper ads, magazine ads, radio and television commercials, digital marketing and advertising get the message to an ever increasing number of potential customers who are reading their news on the web / mobile and listening to their audio and video programming on their digital web connected devices.

Even big companies such as Google and Facebook compete on who gets the biggest share of online / mobile markets in terms of ads, for example.

One disadvantage I was thinking about is the ever-changing technologies. What was good for last year may not be for this year or for next year. Business have to keep on their toes, so that the competition may not incorporate the newer technologies, whatever that may be. So, as you can see, it is hard to invest in some technology and then change it. This can be very costly for a business. Large business are spending billions of dollars to compete for advertising platforms and apps. Look at the recent Facebook purchase of “What’s App” app, for 19 Billion US Dollars!