Twitter Introduces Periscope: A Real-Time Video Sharing App

Twitter Introduced its new app, Periscope that allows users to stream and share live video from their mobile phones.

How Periscope works

As a broadcaster, all you have to do is press a button and start streaming live video, audio and text from your phone. Your followers are instantly notified and can tune in and share your experience, and engage through messaging directly through Periscope.

As a viewer, not only you can watch broadcasts in real time, but you can also interact with the broadcaster through sending text messages and love! Tap the screen to send hearts.

Periscope, a company founded in San Francisco a year ago, was acquired by Twitter, Inc. last January. Twitter’s was founded on the principle of instant sharing of one’s thoughts and feelings in real time (tweeting). By acquiring Periscope, Twitter adds the live video element which adds a whole new dimension to sharing and experiencing people lives and events anywhere in the world, as it happens. Can we call them video tweets?


The Periscope – Twitter, Inc. app is avaiable for download the Apple Store (iOS version). An Android version is in the works.

Source: Twitter, Inc.


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