The NetBeans IDE: Pros and Cons

NetBeans IDE  is an open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software. It is used by developers to develop software applications in various programming languages such as Java, C, C++ PHP and HTML5. It supports all types of Java applications including JavaFX, JavaME, JavaEE, etc. NetBeans itself is written in the Java language, and can be installed on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux.

In my experience, I found hat NetBeans is very intuitive, easy to use and easy to navigate even for beginners. It was easy to install and use right out of the box.

See: The NetBeans IDE: A Brief Usability Evaluation


  •   NetBeans IDE has many integrated development modules, especially for Java.
  •   It has an easy to use Swing GUI design tool to build user interfaces through dragging and dropping components, such as Buttons and Textboxes.
  •   It auto completed code and gives programmers a list of possible code fragments to choose from, even as they type.
  •   It debugs and gives hints on optimizing code, and even inserts the right code.
  •   It has version control, and many other advanced tools.


  •    NetBeans IDE is a little bit slow to load.
  •    Takes up more memory than lighter IDEs.
  •    Advanced tools and features require some training.



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