The Apple Watch: A Smart Piece of Jewelry!

The New Apple Watch

At an Apple Event on Monday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed the different models and prices for its new Apple Watch, which will be available in stores on April 24. 2015.

The Apple Watch seems to be an extension of the iPhone. Yes, you do need to own an iPhone and have that iPhone turned on and in proximity to the watch, for it to work. The Apple Watch is designed for quick interaction with apps that iPhone users are already familiar with, such as Phone, Messages, Mail, Maps, Calendar, Weather, Siri and others.

The Apple Watch is a stylish addition to the wearable technology market, with 38 different models to choose from.

Apple Watch Models and Prices

1. The Apple Watch Sport – Price range: $349.00 – $399.00

Available in 10 models.

Metal: Silver or Space Black Aluminum Case

Sizes: 38mm or 42mm

2. The Apple Watch – Price range: $549.00 – $1099.00

Available in 20 models.

Metal: Stainless Steel Case

Optional: Stainless Steel Band

Sizes: 38mm or 42mm

3. The Apple Watch Edition – Price range: $10,000.00 – $15,000.00

Available in 8 models.

Metal: 18K Rose Gold Case or

18K Yellow Gold Case

Sizes: 38mm or 42mm

The Apple Watch itself has the same hardware/software features and functionality. The huge differences in pricing is due to the case and band material. This leads one to think that Apple is moving in the direction of becoming a jewelry business. Expect an announcement of an Apple Pendant at the next Keynote event!


Source/ Photo: Apple, Inc.