Some Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

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    No universal set of standards, risk of vendor lock-in.

  • Latency between user and provider, because all cloud access is through the internet.
  • Reliability of cloud provider.
  • Resource control that the user has varies from one provider to another.
  • Security, the biggest concern.
  • Users do not have any knowledge of where their data is being stored, or how well it is protected.
  • Companies relinquish control to third party providers.
  • Can the provider be trusted with confidential corporate data?with critical systems?  or sensitive data?
  • Is there a conflict of interest?
  • Compliance of a cloud provider with industry standards and regulations.
  • Are they certified by an independent auditor.
  • Experience, expertise, references,
  • Security of cloud providers against viruses and hackers.
  • Attackers can utilize cloud computing to launch more attacks.