How To Recover Your Data When Your Mac Won’t Start-up?

Do you own a Mac or MacBook? What if one day you attempt to turn it on and it won’t startup? Or it hangs or keeps shutting down? If you’ve been backing up your data regularly, preferably to the Cloud, then there is nothing to fear. You can just replace your hard disk, or get a new computer and restore everything.

When was the last time you backed up your data?

What if you just used your Mac for some years, and accumulated all those irreplaceable photos, videos, documents and other important data, and never made a backup? Dont panic!

  1. What you’ll need:
  2. Using the Thunderbolt cable, connect both Macs together.
  3. Turn off your first Mac if it is not off already.
  4. Now Turn it back on, and as soon as you hear the start up chime press the T button on the keyboard and hold it until you see the Thunderbolt icon appear on the screen.This places your Mac in Target mode so that it acts as an external drive that you can access to copy your files.
  5. Now go to your second Mac and you should now see an icon of the hard disk of the first Mac on the desktop or in Finder,
  6. Attach the external USB drive to a USB port on the second Mac and you should also see an icon for the external USB drive.
  7. Select the files that you need to copy from your first Mac’s disk and copy them to the external drive.

Now you can take your Mac for repair without worry of losing data.

The ideal solution of course is to always back up your data on all your devices, before something goes wrong.

It is preferred that you backup your data using online services such as Carbonite and MyPCBackup. It is easy, secure and your data is being stored in offsite.


Check here to see if your Mac qualifies for FREE repair from Apple.

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Photo by kuert_datenrettung