MSU Autonomous Vehicle Featured at AutoMobili-D at 2017 NAIAS

Michigan State University to Demonstrate Autonomous Vehicle Computer Vision, Radars and Antenna Design at NAIAS 2017

Michigan State University will display a cutting-edge autonomous vehicle and related technology during AutoMobili-D at Cobo Center from Jan. 8-12 — a premier feature of the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

“Much of our work focuses on technology that integrates the vehicle with its environment”

MSU’s green-and-white vehicle is equipped with a variety of intelligent devices and sensors, such as laser radars, or lidars, that create a 3D map of the driving area as well as advanced algorithms.

“Much of our work focuses on technology that integrates the vehicle with its environment,” said Hayder Radha, professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of MSU’s Connected and Autonomous Networked Vehicles for Active Safety (CANVAS).

“In particular, MSU is a recognized leader in computer vision, radars and antenna design, high-assurance computing and related technologies, all areas that are at the core of self-driving vehicles,” Radha explained.

MSU will display two vehicles, one that MSU engineers are using to test the latest in autonomous-vehicle technology and the other a student-designed and built Formula SAE race car.

MSU scientists are focusing much of their attention on several key areas, including traditional radars, laser radars, computer software, and the development of artificial intelligence algorithms.

MSU’s Formula SAE Racing Team is a regular fixture at the international auto show, attracting hundreds of alumni and fans to see the racecar’s newest innovations each year.

This year, the student-built car is an award-winner, earning first place honors in the driver’s championship — by setting the fastest lap of the day — and second place overall during the 15th Annual University of Toronto Shootout in September. The team was also the second highest-ranking American team at this year’s 2016 Formula SAE-Michigan competition at Michigan International Speedway in May.


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Source: MSU via BusinessWire