Mobile Strategy: More Than Developing A Mobile Version!

Mobile use has been growing at exponentially, with 200 million mobile internet users in 2013, (triple that of 2010), Defining a mobile strategy has become a number one priority for organizations (both business and non-profit) worldwide.  It’s definitely more than just creating a mobile version of a website. Here are some routes to consider:

  1. Understand users and their needs- who the target audience is. Study their demographics, buying habits and mobile use.
  2. Design for all devices and platforms, such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, phones and tablets.
  3. Utilize special features of latest mobile technologies, such as GPS location services, motion sensors etc.
  4. Incorporate Maps and directions to find locations of the business easily.
  5. Could use location based targeted coupons via web and / SMS.
  6. Use mobile ads that appear at users’ screens from various sites or apps of similar interst or geographical location.
  7. Use of mobile social media services such as Twitter and Pinterest
  8. Develop mobile apps for you company, that makes it easy for customers to shop anytime anywhere (examples: Amazon Shopper app, B&H photo and Video, etc.)

Remember, an effective mobile strategy — is one that aligns business goals, user needs, and evolving mobile technologies.

There should also be a cost-benefit analysis study, to see if going mobile makes business sense.