Mobile Commerce Leads to Exponential Growth for Online Tire Sales on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday proved to be an extraordinary sales day for e-commerce companies in the U.S., particularly on mobile devices. Online tire retailer, SimpleTire, increased its sales via smartphones by 400% year over year, and continues to ride the wave of the mobile surge taking place in e-commerce.

SimpleTire captured a greater average order value for mobile of $450, whereas desktop was $439. This high mobile AOV can be largely attributed to premium products sold such as tires from Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli. By comparison, some of the largest online retailers in the country had an average order value of $137 on Cyber Monday, according to Adobe.

Mobile devices accounted for 33.1% of overall online sales, hitting a record of $1.59 billion. Mickey Mericle, Adobe’s VP of Marketing and Insights Division, believes the rise in mobile purchases is due in part to people figuring out how to use their mobile devices and retailers understanding how to properly optimize for mobile.

“We’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources into optimizing across all devices, particularly on mobile, to create a seamless and more convenient experience for shoppers,” said SimpleTire CEO, Andy Chalofsky. “As a result, we’ve seen an increase in mobile purchases where about half of SimpleTire’s business now comes from smartphones and tablets combined,” Chalofsky added.

Research conducted by mobile marketing platforms, Branding Brand and Leanplum, found that shoppers shifted to the web on their smartphones to find a more seamless and painless retail experience. Convenience factors like 24/7 access to retail sites and easy link sharing to friends and family on social media are contributors to increased mobile purchases.

SimpleTire experienced its biggest Cyber Monday with mobile users making up about half of its sales.

The most popular operating systems:

  1. iOS (52%)
  2. Android (46%)

The most popular browsers:

  1. Safari (49%)
  2. Chrome (41%)

Interestingly enough, SimpleTire’s mobile demographics spans across all ages. Customers ages 45+ made up the majority at 40% with a large chunk being 65-years and older. Millennials (ages 25-34) made up 26% and customers between the ages 35-44, 25%.

“This year we also saw incredible spikes in sales at certain hours of the holiday period. For example, during a midday hour on Cyber Monday, we recorded over $250,000 in revenue,” said SimpleTire’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Burke.

SimpleTire is projected to exceed $500 million in annual sales for 2018.