Microsoft Announces Windows 10

Microsoft just announces its latest version of the windows operating system Windows 10. Microsoft claims that Windows 10 will be more personal, more mobile and more natural, that works across various devices and hardware platforms.

Windows as a Service and Free Upgrade

Customers who are running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 can get the free upgrade in the first year after launch.

Once a device (PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, etc.) is upgraded to windows 10, it will continue to receive free updates and features for the lifetime of the device.

Here are some new features of Windows 10:


Cortana is a personal digital assistant, is included with Windows 10 for the PC and tablet.

Cortana is a form of Artificial Intelligence that learns the user’s preferences, and provides timely information, suggestions and reminders.

Interaction with Cortana occurs through voice or typing.

Project Spartan

Spartan is a new web browser that was developed for Windows 10 and shares the same look and feel. The Spartan browser can be used in conjunction with Cortana to improve search and usability. Features include the ability to annotate elements of a webpage and share with friends.

Windows 10 for mobile devices 

Windows 10 will be available for Phones and tablets. The OS will give users a familiar experience. Windows 10 for mobile can interact smoothly with a PC running the same OS.

New built-in universal apps

Mail, Calendar, Messaging, Maps, Photos, Videos and Music come bundled with Microsoft’s latest operating system. These apps are cloud-based – synced to One Drive- and come with a new design and a matching look and feel across different devices.

New Xbox experience

The new Xbox app that comes with Windows 10 provides users with a new Xbox live experience across multiple devices. Players can stream games from their Xbox One to their PC’s or tablets, play with friends and capture their gaming videos through the built-in Game DVR,

 Holographic experience

Windows 10 claims to be “the world’s first computing platform”, that provides users with a holographic experience in the real world. Users can place 3D holograms in the space around them and interact with computers in a natural dynamic way.

Windows 10 is expected to be a huge leap from Windows 8. It is predicted to have a brighter future.