How To Build Effective Project Teams?

project team photo
Photo by chee.hong


A Project team consists of people from different backgrounds and different functions who work
together to achieve one objective.
To enhance the chance of a project’s success,
1. I would ensure that the team consists of the right people. I would encourage open lines of
communication among team members and between the members and the project manager.

2.  I would encourage the members to get to know each other by having some socializing events. This will help build harmony between members of the team.
3.  A common purpose or goal for the project is very essential. Not only it will keep the members focused on one objective, but will also give a sense of meaning and purpose to their job, which
is another motivating factor.
4. I will make clear to all members the normal operating procedures so there will be clarity among the members on that.
In addition,

5. I will encourage feedback and creativity so that each member has the opportunity to be creative and innovative. This will empower the team members and give them an opportunity for career growth.
6. I will strive to recognize members of the team who make a remarkable contribution in someway to the project’s success. This will motivate the team members and let them have a sense of
7. I will also encourage interdependent thinking among members of the team so that they support each other and work as an integrated unit toward fulfilling the project!