Hope for Pokémon Go Fans Using Windows Phone

The Pokémon Go game, turned global phenomenon, just keeps picking up speed, mesmerizing fans in now more than 30 countries, sending madding crowds this way and that in search of cutified monsters. Some fans aren’t happy though, and those people are the owners of a Windows Phone. That could all change soon, according Microsoft Portugal.
Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella might have mentioned the possibility of Pokémon Go coming to the augmented reality headset, HoloLens, but talking about the game’s instant success, Nadella didn’t say anything about the game coming to Windows Phone.

The absence of Pokémon Go on Microsoft’s phone has caused an outcry from its users, 85,000 of whom have signed a petition to bring the game over to Windows Phone. “Windows Phone users have been forgotten again,” lamented one upset person among many using Microsoft’s mobile platform, but if that user has been following Microsoft Portugal on Facebook, her mood may have just changed for the better.

Here’s the reason:

When Pokémon Go fan Rafael Pinheiro shared his feelings on the Microsoft Portugal Facebook page concerning his Windows Phone being Pokémon Go-less, Microsoft offered a prompt reply.

Pinheiro said (The English translation has been corrected):
“Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that has conquered the whole world, minus the users of Windows Phone. It is not acceptable that this app is not available for Windows Phone. I announce that I’m gonna change my smartphone and I’m gonna have to change to one of your competitors. I’d like it if Microsoft could rectify this situation.”

The reply given was this:

“The application will be home soon, which refers to the Windows Store.
Thank you,
Team Microsoft Portugal”
It seems however that Microsoft Portugal then back-peddled, issuing another statement, which reads:

“Dear fans, we apologize if the comment published previously induced you to think incorrectly. We have actually received requests for this application to become available for Windows Phone. The Windows Store is evaluating options to satisfy this request in the best possible way. We promise to keep you abreast of any developments.”
The string of comments that follows mostly align to Microsoft lagging behind and losing customers. The comments only go to show how important Pokémon Go is to people, enough that the absence of it on their Windows Phone is enough for them – and many people in the thread say they love their Windows Phone – to replace it.


Photo credit: Nicki Dugan Pogue via Flickr

Source: Silicon Angle