Grand Challenge Innovation Winners 2016

From 3,000 initial entries to 6 finalists, three winners were chosen and crowned in Dubai.

Six teams landed in Dubai—the land of luxury and light speed technology—to duke it out at the final culmination of Cisco’s Innovation Grand Challenge. Technology met creativity when this challenge called upon the dreamers and thinkers of the world to craft industry-disrupting solutions.

Finally, after live presentations and debate between the judges, three startups ultimately broke away and came out on top.

Congratulations to San Diego’s CyberFlow Analytics—the team won first place and the $150,000 grand prize. CyberFlow Analytics is a California based startup that uses analytics and visualization to monitor network security at a low cost.

Claiming second place and $75,000 is Germany’s Green City Solutions, a startup that creates a sustainable billboard to filter the air, making it a must-have for any smart city.

Third prize and $25,000 goes to Eigen Innovations, a Canadian startup that focuses on manufacturing operations, using analytics and applications to solve problems right on the floor.

The six startup teams, who Director of Innovation Programs and Strategy Alex Goryachev calls the “Super Six”, started their battle six months ago by beating out 3,000 other entries in the Grand Challenge. These six entrepreneurs and startups have exemplified the breaking edges of innovations in today’s tech landscape.

The final teams met in Dubai at Cisco’s Internet of Things World Forum from December 6 to 8, a conference celebrating what’s possible for the world when everything is connected. The global teams represent the best in innovation on a worldwide scale, and have each made their pitches at the conference in front of a live audience and judges.

The three other finalists include Finland’s CyberLightning Ltd, a startup that brings smart city features like energy and traffic to life through their simplified big data analysis.

Inston Inc from California uses memory technology in green electronics to provide clean air and biodiversity solutions.

United States’ Simularity utilizes artificial intelligence to create machine learning systems to aid in manufacturing processes.

In addition to monetary prizes, the three winners gain Cisco’s expertise and mentorship, as well as access to Internet of Everything Innovation Centers and labs across the world.

2015 marks Cisco’s second annual global Innovation Grand Challenge, and if last year’s winning startup gives any indication to the successes of this year’s, then the future certainly is bright.

Relayr, a German startup, won 2014’s Grand Challenge with its OpenSensor Cloud platform and IoT Starter Kit. Cisco has worked closely with relayr to help bring their platform into new markets.

In its whirlwind year since the win, the startup has closed a Series-A financing round of more than $11 million.

By beating the odds and reaching the coveted finalists position in Dubai, all six teams have succeeded in the realm of innovation. Connecting with industry and business experts in the process have no doubt brought progress and insight to these startups going forward.

Congratulations to CyberFlow Analytics, Green City Solutions, and Eigen Innovations—we look forward to what’s in store for these teams in the upcoming years.

Used with permission of The Network.