Google’s Project Fi – A New Wireless Experience

Google introduced today what it called Project Fi, Its new wireless service that is designed to enhance wireless connectivity, quality and experience. Google has partnered with T-Mobile and Sprint to launch this new project.

Google’s Project Fi promises seamless connectivity anywhere you travel, you will be connected automatically to the fastest network available at your location. Project Fi will also connect you automatically to almost a million WiFi hotspots across the US, and switch you intelligently from 4G to WiFi and vice versa as the need for speed and quality arises.

A new feature that Project Fi introduces is that your phone number is no longer limited to your phone. You can use your  number from any device, whether a mobile phone, tablet or even a laptop.

Google is offering one plan for $20.00 a month that include unlimited talk and text. Data is at a fixed rate of $10.00 per GB/ month, but you get credit every month for unused data.

Project Fi is will be available on the Nexus 6 smartphones first. If you live in the US you can request an invite to participate.


Source: Google, Inc.

Photo by TechStage