What Is Google’s Material Design?

google design photo
Photo by webfia


What is Material Design?

Material design refers to a visual design language created by Google. It was first announced at the Google I/O conference in June, 2014. It defines a library of innovative rules and design principles. The aim is to achieve greater user satisfaction and a richer, unified user experience. The Material design principles involves 3D space, motion, light and shadow, animation, layout, patterns, usability and other elements.

Where is Material design used?

Material design is already used in Google’s mobile apps which include Gmail, YouTube, and the new Inbox app. The plan is to eventually extend Material Design to all Google products on mobile and desktop.

Why Material design?

The goal, in Google’s words, is to “Create a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.” The underlying purpose of Material design is to create a unified user experience across all platforms, devices and operating systems.


The future is very promising from the standpoint of user experience, and Human Computer Interaction, as more and more developers follow the Material design principles in the coming months.


 Source: Google