Google Introduces Low Cost Cloud Storage Nearline

Google had introduced on Wednesday March 11, 2015, a low-cost storage service called Nearline. It offers a cost effective data backup, data access and data retrieval.  It  allows users to store unlimited amounts of data, at a rate of only 1 cent per GB! Users can access their data at any time and be able to retieve it in no more than three seconds.

Nearline is secure as data is stored redundantly at multiple locations, and the service integrates with other Google cloud  storage services

Google is partnering with other storage and backup providers, including Symantec and NetApp, to integrate Nearline with other leading storage/ backup products.

The service is available to businesses and individuals, and Google is now offering a Free 60-day trial of its Nearline Cloud Storage product. Users have the option to upgrade to the paid service within 30 days to be able to restore their data.

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Photo by VinothChandar

Source: GoogleCloud Platform Blog