Google Classroom Launches Today

google classroom photo
Photo by marragem


Starting today, Google is launching a tool for educators

called Classroom. It is designed to help teachers “spend
more time teaching and less time shuffling papers”,
according to Zach Yeskel, Classroom product manager.

Google started rolling out Classroom today to all “Apps
for Education” customers, which include more than 100,000
teachers in more than 45 Countries.

Classroom is available in 42 languages (including right-
to-left ones, such as Hebrew, Arabic and Persian). It also
works well on mobile devices and most popular screen

Google describes classroom as a simple tool that teachers
can use to create assignments and communicate with their
students. Classes uses Apps for Education products such as
Gmail, Docs and Drive.

Classroom is offered as a free service to educational
institutions around the world.

Photo Credit: Google.