Google Adds Group Plan to Project Fi Mobile Network

Google’s virtual mobile network Project Fi keeps getting better with the tech giant announcing Tuesday that it is adding a group plan.
The new group plan allows Fi users to have up to six people on the one plan. New members can be added at a standard $15 a month for talk and text (Fi Basics), a discount on the current $20 per user rate. As with existing Project Fi accounts, data used by anyone one plan is charged at $10 per GB per month.
Project Fi first launched in April 2015 on an invite-only basis before opening any one interested in the service in March this year.
The service, however, is still not available to many people, as Project Fi users are required to use a Google phone, with the current list including the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and the recently announced Pixel and Pixel XL. Users of older Nexus phones that support the service are still able to use those phones to access Project Fi.
The biggest advantage the service offers over its competitors is that not only does it piggyback onto other networks in the United States for coverage, it also offers international roaming at no extra cost in 135 countries, including across the Vodafone network. That roaming includes high-speed data, something often limited by other carriers, unlimited free text and standard calls at 20 cents a minute.

Positive step

While Project Fi is still limited in that a user is required to purchase a Google Pixel or Nexus phone to use it, the launch of the group plan is without question a positive step forward in making what Google is offering all that more competitive.
The group plan itself is not limited to families, meaning it can be used among friends or in setting up accounts for a small business as well.

To encourage people to sign up, Google is currently offering a discount on its remaining Nexus phones, with the Nexus 5X being offered at a $150 off, and the Nexus 6P being offered with a $100 discount when purchased and activated through Project Fi.

Of note, neither phone is available to purchase any longer through Google Play.


Image credit: Google
Source: Google , via SiliconAngle