Engineers Capture Sustainability in Photos

Sustainability can mean many different things, and those various interpretations are on display in the thousands of images submitted by Intel employees for an Earth Day photo project.


Photo submissions have poured in from Intel employees from around the globe, including some from India, Vietnam, China, Israel, Mexico, Malaysia and the United States. The photos capture visually what sustainability means to each shutterbug. The photos will be incorporated into an interactive digital photo mosaic that is scheduled to be unveiled on Earth Day on the Intel company website.



“Free Air Cooling”


Photo by Fiacre Goggin, data center manager, Dublin, Ireland


The photograph is a blend of two photos that Goggin says represents free data center cooling via outside fresh air in a data center.



“Save Water Save Earth…Each Drop Counts”

Photo by Gaurav Khare, software engineer, Bangalore, India

“This photo signifies the importance of each drop of water in human life, since we know we have a very limited fresh water resource,” said Khare. “Still some people do not realize how important it is.”

Source: Intel Free Press