Emerging Technology Innovators

There is a lab at Cisco where you might find someone controlling a robot, building a Lego prototype, and flying a drone after driving trucks across Europe with Oculus Rift. It’s somewhat of a tinkerer’s workshop, and that’s where you’ll find emerging technology evangelist Ben Varghese building and testing rapid prototypes that use the Internet of Everything in new and interesting ways. From the home, to the office to the store, see how his team is helping companies transform in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Video Transcript:

My name is Ben Varghese, and I’m an emerging technology consultant.

I usually describe myself as a maker, hacker and entrepreneur. What we’re trying to do here is bring these emerging technologies from Silicon Valley and beyond to our enterprise customers.

Rapid prototyping that we do here in this lab is something that’s critical for speeding up the typical creation process of a product or an idea. We actually use everything from cardboard to Lego to CAD, to 3-D printing to bring an idea to life within a very short amount of time.

We’re using the Internet of Everything, in new and interesting ways including trying to speed up the typical gas, fueling process. Wouldn’t it be great, if we could just pull right up and start pumping gas?

In health care, an extreme amount of time is spent by nurses and doctors actually looking for equipment, so if we can provide them a way to see all of their assets, that saves them a ton of time, and a lot of money in the end.

We bring in talent from engineering organizations or IT and we try to harness their energy. A couple of interns from IT, actually, over the summer, they were working on a drone project for us, and actually trying to include drones in a retail setting.

We’re trying to speed up the process for a typical consumer like you and me to go to the store and buy something. And we’re also trying to increase visibility for the retailers. So being able to see what stock they actually have on hand.
We also have devices like this. This is a double robot, and it’s really handy.

One of the things that we’re doing here is using robotics like this one, to actually illustrate what the power of low-cost computing can really do. What I love doing is actually doing trying to connect the dots between all these different trends that we’re seeing, and produce something totally novel.

Used with permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com