How To Create Your Own Customised Google Maps

You can use a feature in Google Maps to help you create your own maps, mark your own favorite places and routes, and save them. You have the option of making those maps public or private or share them with others.
Here is how to create your custom maps:

Create your map:

  1. Sign in to Google Maps using the Sign in button in the top right corner of the map.
  2. Make sure the search box is empty then click inside it.
  3. Click My Maps.
  4. Click the Create edit button.


Add your favorite places:

  1. Search for the business, address, or point of interest that you want to add. A new, non-permanent layer entitled “Search: your search term” will automatically appear in the left panel and your results will show as green pins on the map.
  2. Select a pin from the map or the left-hand panel to see more information like the name and address.
  3. If you want to add that pin to your layers, click Add to map (See image).
  4. To clear the search results layer choose Clear search from the left panel.





Repeat with more places as you wish! Here is a sample map:

My Map


Save your map. Enjoy!

You can bookmark the map’s URL and open it on your smartphone!