The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Company

Cloud Computing offers many benefits to small business and other organizations. Here is a summary of some of those benefits:

  • Easier to set up:
    • It eliminates the need to install software, store data or run applications on client computers.
  • Choice of Service Providers: A variety of services from different vendors.
  • Reduced costs:
    • No expensive hardware / computing infrastructure.
    • Clients can have smaller CPUs, smaller storage capacities, less hardware resources and, therefore, less hardware cost.
    • A company pays only for the processing, software or storage used.
    • Less labor costs for technical infrastructure support, maintenance or upgrade costs.
  • Reliability: Cloud-based datacenters have multiple redundant systems, with generators, backups, fire and flood prevention and physical security.
  • Data safety:
    • Reduced chance of data loss.
    • Disaster recovery and Business continuity, in case of a disaster.
  • Elasticity or Scalability: prevent over or under utilization of resources. Utilization is based on the user’s dynamically changing needs.
  • Agility: easier and faster to deploy new systems or make changes to an existing system
  • Availability and Accessibility: Employees can work from anywhere, anytime. Not limited to a single location, access from anywhere on the globe.
  • Collaboration: users/employees can collaborate and work simultaneously on projects.

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