Amazon Reinvents Aladdin’s Lamp With Its Dash Button

Have you ever wished of getting something and by just pressing a button having that “something” appear at your doorstep? That’s exactly what Amazon is aiming for through it’s Amazon Dash Button which it launched today.

Amazon Dash Button is Real

Yes, it is a real physical button that Amazon Prime members can request. It comes with a reusable adhesive on the back so you can attach it to appliances, storage cabinets or wherever you store your household products. Press the appropriate button when you run low on something, and Amazon will deliver that product to you in no time.

amazon dash button delivery


How to Get the Amazon Dash Button?

Amazon Prime members can request an invitation, then they will receive an e-mail with an invitation to select their favourite buttons in the coming week. Each product has its own button, with the image of that product on it.

How Does the Amazon Dash Button Work?

The Amazon Dash Button works by connecting to your WiFi network via the amazon app on your phone. There is no risk of pressing the dash button multiple times by mistake, as Amazon will only respond to the first press until that product is delivered.

(Note:  This announcement from Amazon is real. It is NOT an April’s Fool joke!)