Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: 10 Reasons to buy!

There are many versions of the Amazon Kindle, including the Kindle Touch, The Kindle Paperwhite. and the Kindle Fire. To be specific, I would like to limit my discussion to the Paperwhite version, which (along with the Kindle Touch and the earlier versions) is a dedicated e-book reader, versus the Kindle Fire which is basically an Amazon tablet with a Kindle app built-in. I personally own the new Kindle Paperwhite. In my experience the following factors makes the

Kindle a good fit:

1. Portable: being lightweight and the size of a paperback.
2. Readable: in any lighting situation. The screen is very clear and readable even outdoors, and has a built in back-light.
3. Sharp: The screen resolution and contrast is great and easy on the eyes, close to reading a physical page.
4. Long battery life:  8 weeks with the light on.
5. Easy on the eyes: The built-in light is designed in such a way as to make it easy on the eyes and reduce eye strain. The light is designed to illuminate the e-ink from above. According to Amazon, “the light never shines directly  towards your eyes”.
6. Text: Text size is adjustable by the user.
7. Fonts: The user has a choice of fonts to use.
8.  Intuitive: The user can flip through the pages like a real book, or tap on certain spots to turn the
9. Personal Annotation: The user can highlight text, add notes, and create bookmarks.
10. Anytime anywhere reading: You can carry your whole library with you wherever you go.

So far I consider The Kindle Paperwhite to be a good fit for most users.